Current Sponsors

PNSQCPNSQC huge sponsors of AgilePDX – providing the pizza for our sessions all year round. The Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conferences are highly respected platforms for software professionals to interact and exchange ideas. Secure your place early!

GunterGroup_logoThe Gunter Group – Generously support us in staging our monthly event at Puppet! Gunter is a business consulting firm headquartered in Oregon, serving the west coast  with offices in Portland and Bend, Oregon, and Reno, Nevada.

PuppetLabsPuppet – generously host us every month, and on top of that, an employee stays with us all evening. Puppet Labs is based on an open source product and are always looking to hire top-notch Rubyists and sysadmins.

Blue Gate fr SiteAzure Gate Consulting – provides hosting funding for our site.  Azure Gate guides and teaches individuals and organizations to turn around uncomfortable work-related situations. We work with issues between two or more individuals, problems between individuals and organizations, and challenges among different groups in an organization and/or across an entire project or program.

Agile Alliance brand logoAgile Alliance – provides administrative support to the AgilePDX community.  The Agile Alliance supports people who explore and apply Agile valuesprinciples, and practices to make building software solutions more effective, humane, and sustainable.

Honor Roll of Agile Community Practitioner Sponsorship

Various AgilePDX community members provide funding for the benefit of the community as a whole.  Here is where we recognize those generous donors who help us all learn and grow together by making AgilePDX events and communication channels possible!

  • Nora Beyerle
  • Eric Dencer
  • Matthew Mayer

Become a Sponsor

Interested in helping support AgilePDX and the Portland Agile community? See AgilePDX Sponsor Information.

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