AgilePDX has been a volunteer-run operation for over 15 years.  Like so many organically evolved organizations, it is not possible for us to list everyone who has helped grow, steer, and just plain make AgilePDX happen over the years.  Yet, we are grateful for all of them and their effort!  Here you will find the names, bios, and contact information for those who are currently serving as committee members, event hosts, or other specialty volunteers.

AgilePDX is led and nurtured by a dedicated group of volunteers serving on its Committee Board. Committee Members work behind the scenes to ensure AgilePDX can serve its vibrant community. You can contact the entire committee at once (which we recommend) by sending email to agilepdxcoordinating@googlegroups.com.

AgilePDX events are firmly anchored and gracefully hosted and facilitated by our event hosts.  You can learn about the events at https://www.meetup.com/AgilePDX-User-Group-Portland-Metro/.  Event hosts love it when first-time attendees reach out and introduce themselves.  You can reach them through the Meetup event page or reach out to them at an event.


Neal Peterson contributes to AgilePDX as a sailing profile.pngCommittee Member and he facilitates Lean Coffee in the North.

He is a Lean addict and Agile disciple who hails from North Portland, OR these days. He’s a business process designer/Lean coach that tries to help companies make sense out of their business processes. He seeks to make their processes efficient and effective by applying the tools of TQM, Lean, Six Sigma and thinking Agile – sometimes resorting to “Kindergarten” facilitation methods if it’ll get the job done. His favorite book title is “Don’t Make Me Think” by Steven Krug. In his spare time, he loves to fly kites, garden, sail boats, and road bike long distances. 

Kelly Austin contributes to AgilePDX as a Committee Member and she facilitates the Agile Practitioner’s Book Club.

She is a Scrum Master and Agile Project Manager. She believes that empathy is the essential link between her current life practicing human-centered management with self-organizing agile development teams and her previous life teaching literature to serious, wide-eyed university students. She loves re-reading Dante, and she dreams of eating bread and cheese in Spain. She is grateful every d*** day that her dog, Maisie, is the most constant (and cutest) companion.

Galen Doucette contributes to AgilePDX Version 2as a Committee Member.

He comes to Agile practice with a background in both traditional project management and the discipline of philosophy. He believes that context matters and that the active discovery of changing context helps create flourishing teams. Starting by emphasizing self-awareness, he helps organizations uncover assumptions, identify opportunities, and actualize growth. Whether a Military Police station, a Buddhist retreat center, or a mobile app, he sees delivering a project as an act of translation. He tweets at @gdoucettepdx

Liz Lockhart contributes to AgilePDX as a Committee Member.

She is an Agile Leader and Project Manager, with experience in service operations, Agile PMO design, people leadership and talent development. Liz believes in bringing your whole self to work and focusing on servant leadership to facilitate positive team outcomes. Liz finds joy in unlocking the future potential of others through learning and development. She loves learning new methodologies and seeing how similar techniques are applied across various industries. On most Saturdays, Liz can be found floating the river on a warm Portland day or taking the MAX over to the Oregon Zoo to say “hi” to the sea otters.

Tom Groendal contributes to AgilePDX as a Committee Tom - 150415BVKMGROENDALT_023_ppMember.

He comes to Agile with a background in small business management and running remote teams and is transitioning to a focus in tech. What wakes Tom up in the morning is helping teams self-organize and surprise themselves with their own abilities and creativity. Tom is passionate about learning more about what makes agilists happy and he loves teaching which he also does as a martial arts educator. For fun, he likes playing with his food and related gadgets and runs the Cascade Lakes Relay every year. You can find and connect with him on LinkedIn

Andrew Keating contributes to AgilePDX as a Committee Member and andrew keatingcoordinates its social media engagement strategy.

Joining Agile with experience in nonprofit projects and IT management, he is constantly listening to and engaging with user stories of all kinds. His background is in IT, but he is invested in marrying marketing and project management as cornerstones to business success. For fun, you’ll find him spending time at a dog park with his labradoodle Seymour or getting incrementally better at tent camping with his partner and close friends. You can find more about Andrew’s professional background at his LinkedIn page.

Lorie Gordon contributes to AgilePDX as an event host LorieGordonfor Westside Cafe.

She focuses on coaching and practicing scrum within a team-oriented framework as a dedicated Scrum Master. Her recent introduction to SAFe is teaching her a formal enterprise level planning method that is partially implemented in teams she works with. She volunteers with AgilePDX and attends local gatherings including AONW, ProductCamp, and PNSQC.  She Tweets at @CricketGordon.

PaulaHannan_Scrum_MasterPaula Hannan contributes to AgilePDX as an event host for Westside Cafe.

She wants to live in a world where teams work together to create something they just couldn’t have done on their own. She works as an agile team coach, cares a lot about getting stuff out the door and moonlights in SQL. When she’s not helping with AgilePDX, you can find her singing in a choir, playing the flute or getting muddy in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. She tweets occasionally at @doodleno1.

Becky Farone contributes to AgilePDX as an event host profile photo.jpgfor Westside Cafe.

Becky has been in the software industry for 20+ years – mostly as a Program/Team manager/Scrum Master type (currently at Nike) with accompanying UX research and design skills. She has experience at Microsoft (on the original Outlook team), Starbucks HQ and Kaiser where she first encountered the world of Agile. Becky’s super hero Agile name is Captain Transparency.

Diane Brady contributes to AgilePDX as an event host DianeBrady.jpgfor Westside Cafe.

Diane is an accomplished agile coach, instructor and founder of ProALT Consulting, LLC, a consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest. Her focus is on Lean and Agile coaching and training, and facilitation techniques for team development and engagement. She has facilitated a wide range of improvement workshops and retrospectives which include interactive games and engagement techniques to solicit business requirements, improve current processes, pay down technical debt, improve engineering and quality practices, and improve team dynamics. Diane is also a co-author of the Agile Almanac Book2: Programs with Multi and Virtual Team Environments recently released as a best seller on Amazon.com.

Lindsay OberlanderLindsay Oberlander contributes to AgilePDX as an event co-host for Downtown Pub Lunch.

Lindsay has worked to find talent for Agile teams across the industry as a Technical Recruiter. She is inspired by the engineering team she works with and their ability to continually adapt as they face new challenges through Agile methodologies. She loves to network and connect people by being a part of this community! She spends most of her free time with her dogs, Scout and Bernie, running and hiking through the beautiful PNW or cuddling up at home.

Jeff Patterson contributes to AgilePDX as an event host Jeff Patterson.pngfor Mob Programming.

He is a Software Quality Engineer at Jama Software, language agnostic, quality evangelist, and non-traditional CS grad. He has facilitated Global Day of Code Retreat, founded a peer group to support Community College CS students transferring to University, and is often heard saying, “Software is made of people!”.

Michaela HufflesMichaela Hutfles contributes to AgilePDX as an event host for Virtual Pub Lunch.

She is a sideways E-shaped person (rather than T) with three major depths: agile development, earth-building and performing arts of all flavors. For a salary, she coaches agile thinking and self-management to software developers and keeps teams focused on continuous improvement, growth mindset, and general meta-cognition. She’s building a tiny house on the Olympic Peninsula using clay, straw, and sand. She dreams of someday starting a tiny arts foundation called Dionysus Giving. Because it amuses her, Michaela often claims to raise champion naked mole rats.

Scott HendersonScott Henderson contributes to AgilePDX as an event host for Virtual Pub Lunch and Lean Coffee in the North.

He dials in from Portland, Oregon (most days) and wishes he was as cool as @Michaela. Unrepentant dopamine addict. Walks, talks. Bikes, hikes. Kayaks, coffee and conversation. I coax companies to stop self harm, recognize context and treat people kindly while seeking good to amplify in the world.

Nora Beyerle contributes to AgilePDX as an event hostOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA for Virtual Pub Lunch and she facilitates the Agile Practitioner’s Book Club.

She has held roles as a project manager, Scrum Master, team lead and manager. But her favorite role is Scrum Master and Agile Coach. She likes to get in with a team and help them sing their own song while building a strong core of leadership and technical practices to keep them safe and sound. Nora is known for her voracious curiosity about all things agile as well as her irrepressible, enthusiastic servant leadership. She first learned about agile in a banking software environment and has gone on to practice her craft in data analytics and logistics environments. Ask her about her favorite podcasts! Nora knows Agile can change the world.  She tweets at @SunhiltB

David Whitlock contributes to AgilePDX as an event DavidWhitlockHeadShotColor.jpghost for Agile PM Online Roundtable.

He moved to Portland at the turn of the century to hack on the Java Virtual Machine. He enjoyed the challenge of working with complex software systems, but quickly discovered that the complexity of working with people offers an even more exciting challenge. David has been a student of Agile and Lean principles and practices for many years and looks forward to engaging others in conversations to help understand what we know, what matters, and what we do next. By night, he is an adjunct lecturer in the Computer Science Department at Portland State University. David likes watching things grown whether they are Teams, companies, his students, his family, or the vegetables in his garden.

Brian Kronstad contributes to AgilePDX as an event host Brian_Kronstad.jpgfor Agile PM Online Roundtable

He began his career as a software engineer on manufacturing systems where he was first exposed to total quality management and iterative development methodologies. Over his 30-year career in IT, he has used both Traditional and Agile methods to deliver solutions and is an advocate for bringing value-driven approaches to enterprises. He is fascinated by team dynamics, change management as it applies to people and organizations and successful Agile implementations. When not working, Brian spends time with family, (sea) kayaking, playing music and checking out coffee shops.

Jean.pngJean Richardson contributes to AgilePDX as an event host for Agile PM Online Roundtable.

Her experience and career path have spanned both traditional and agile methods, frameworks, and cultural perspectives.  She is the author of The Preservation of the Agile Heart: From Mindset to Consciousness and the creator of the Pervasive Leadership, which is designed to help leaders set a collaborative context while still meeting their own stewardship responsibilities to the organization. Her master’s thesis, available at her web site azuregate.net, focused on the organizational and cultural utility of agile methods when viewed through the theoretical perspectives of leadership and systems theories.

Communities We Support

FOW Logo Thumbprint onlyAgilePDX is a proud supporter of the Future of Work Portland annual Open Space conference. FOW PDX was launched as a collaboration between AgilePDX, Lean Portland, and Responsive with support from Agile Open Northwest to explore the synergies between these communities and provide a forum for constructively influencing the future of work in Portland in alignment with the values and practices of these communities.  Learn more and register at fowpdx.com.

We proudly support and provide a Slack channel in our Slack community for Portland Lean Coffee and Drinks, a discussion group that spontaneously organizes its always animated conversations using the Lean Coffee method. Portland Lean Coffee and Drinks meets the first Sunday of each month. Attend their events by replying to their posts on our MeetUp group.

We are also associated with the Scrum Alliance and Agile Alliance.

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