Agile PDX

AgilePDX Westside Hints And Tips:

Parking Hints

* Address is 20540 NW Evergreen Pkwy, Hillsboro, OR 97124
* Parking is available around the café and additional parking is available behind the Bruin building just south of the café.
* No parking pass is needed; our meetings will be held in the rooms adjoining the café. Pro Combat is our primary meeting space with an overflow room next door if we exceed capacity.
* Here is a map with the café door marked for access so you don’t end up waiting for access to an unauthorized badged area ;):

Food Options

* Onsite, the Evergreen Café provides modest choices at affordable prices including vegan and gluten free options beyond the salad bar.
* The coffee/smoothie cart along the window opposite our meeting spaces offers beer and wine after 11:30.
* You may bring a brown-bag lunch to this space if you prefer but no microwave is available so plan accordingly.
* After lunch, the tray\dish return is along the hallway behind the cafe.
* Restrooms are next to the tray\dish return.

Community Agreements

* Food is cafeteria style and attendees desiring to eat will need to collect it, pay for it, and bring it to our event space which is right off the main seating area.
* We focus on Agile principles, practices, frameworks, methods, and techniques, not project specifics unless attendees or presenters volunteer those specifics in alignment with their organization’s policies. And, what happens at the cafe stays at the cafe.
* AgilePDX representatives will coordinate and facilitate sessions to support starting on time, ending on time, topic focus, and community building and engagement.
* This event is a no-host event similar to other AgilePDX events and is not a forum for commercial entities to or sell products or services. However, everyone is welcome as a member of this learning community.
* In appreciation of agile leaders at Nike welcoming community involvement and exposure to new ideas, we leave the space they have provided as we found it--or better.